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Ready to bring more freedom, presence, and joy into your family life? From private one-on-one sessions, to monthly community membership, go from drained to energised, starting now.

Life rewards the brave and vulnerable amongst us! 

Private Listening Sessions

There is a very effective way to clear something that is niggling or a painful experience that has left a persistent echo - let it be heard and released wits the help of a compassionate and non-judgemental listener.

You may be recovering from a traumatic birth, or feeling triggered around old hurts and it’s coming out sideways on those around you, or as a critical inner voice - it helps to talk it out. 

This is not counselling, nor therapy, rather a space gently held for you to tell your story and clear your hurt. No judgement, only compassionate and unconditional listening and acceptance of your truth.  

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VIP Monthly 

Priceless in value, yet affordably priced, I offer reconnection on demand for mothers craving a moment to themselves, and ready to show up as the best mum - and human - possible. 

My signature monthly membership program combines evidence-based practice with genuine community connection. It's a proven community/mentorship model.

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Bespoke One to One Guidance

  • You've been going through a rough time for a while and you know it's time to get some support.
  • You need a refresh, there's just too many moving parts and you never get to it...
  • You're ready to untangle and clear what stops you from taking deep care of yourself so you can show up as the best mum possible.
  • It's time to get to the bottom of that "I never find a moment to myself" conundrum.

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