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So you know you have some changes to make? First of all I want to extend my heartfelt W E L C O M E to you.. I’m super excited to be on YOUR team. There are coaches everywhere these days and we have to follow our heart, our intuition and our common sense to the one you feel will make a difference and deliver the results we require.

I’m honoured be on your team and committed 100% to giving you VALUE in our time together. Reach out anytime with any questions, reflections or comments here.

step one

Take a moment wherever you are right now.

Slowly breathe in, and breathe out.

Now answer me this, make a note for the next time we connect. What is the bigger picture here? What are you completely dying to create from our work together? Are you willing to do whatever it takes? (I sense the answer to that last question is yes or we wouldn’t be here, right?)

Jump forward in time, if there were zero limitations involved, what is the one thing that would be different following our work together?

Now, bring these notes with you to our first session or send them to me beforehand if you like, so we can get straight to it. Can’t wait to get you HAPPENING. Let the magic begin!

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Whatever your business, imagine the best client you ever had. Maybe it was a colleague in a previous job, or a client you still have, bring them into your mind. Draw, write or video a description of them. Man or woman? Where do they live? Where do they hang out online (social media/webinar/podcasts/newsfeeds)? What are they wearing? How much money do they make a year? Family? Partnered or single? Conventional education or self trained? Create a highly detailed summary of that one person.

Don’t worry if you can’t do this straight away, we will work on this in our time together if necessary. Just make a start.

Even if you know this person really well, do the exercise again, update it, and get to know your person again afresh from where you find yourself now.

Where is your space?

Next step: let’s define where you like to hangout with your people. Are they on phone calls, or on video calls with you? Do you run workshops face to face, or one to one sessions? Do you have online courses? Do you have a shop or an office? Do you use co-working hubs or work from home? Where do you most connect with your people - on social media, in real life or via email? All of the above?

Now, let's refine this. Where do you feel people connect with you most authentically? Where is their sweet spot when it comes to buying your product or service? Where do they gain the most value from you? Is it your free or discounted offers? Is it your premium offers? Neither? Both?

Note it all down.