Welcome to Mums Incorporated

What if we could arrange our work around our family life, instead of the other way around? What would the world look like in twenty years if we prioritised the care of our kids above our work commitments - and what if that wasn’t a compromise to our careers?

Mums Incorporated is a social enterprise in startup mode with this vision at its heart.

Part bespoke digital agency, part network of women working in the home, Mums Incorporated answers some crucial questions about the future of mothers who work for themselves in the digital service industry.

Three major problems are addressed: a woman’s right to work, a family’s need for mothers to work flexibly around the needs of her children, and the mobilisation of an under-utilised and often undervalued workforce.

At the same time Mums Incorporated is designed to operate as an affordable, accessible provider of digital services to small and medium sized businesses. Enterprises such as these require the exact same flexibility and results orientated approach that mothers who work in the home do. It’s a synergy that could revolutionise the way women work.

Additionally we aim to provide a safe, supportive and informed network of women worldwide who can support each other to create this new working model.

If you are Sydney based, please connect on Facebook with your closest local network. We have one in the Northern Beaches and one in the Inner West.


A collaborative crew

Imagine having a crew of woman of all different talents, locations and experience WITH you as you work on your own projects. Imagine if you could build your dream team in just a few clicks.