How to Find Peace | Virtual Workshop

How to Find Peace and Connection in a Fast-Paced World —so you can focus more on what you love


 7-Minute Somatic Sequencing to Calm the Nervous System, Guided Meditation Audio, yours to keep, VALUED at $27AUD

You'll walk away with: 

🔖 Infinite replay, yours to keep

🔖 Reset your nervous system

🔖 Recalibrate to your innate wisdom and intuition

🔖 Powerful methods for overcoming perfection paralysis and quieting your inner critic 

🔖 Activate your willingness to make that next big life move

🔖 Workshops like this frequently cost $100 or more, and offer a host of value.

Step One

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How to find peace and connection in a fast-paced world 
+So You Can Do More of What You Love ♡

WHEN: Tuesday 14 November at 10 am (Sydney AEST)
WHERE: Live Online (+Replay)

Step Two

 7-Minute Somatic Sequencing Guided Meditation Audio, yours to keep, VALUED at $27AUD


Consider these key values

  • I believe there's a changemaker in all of us yearning to fulfill its potential, but many of those heart calls get put aside... because life happens
  • Allow this experience to be a strong action you take in the direction of your highest aspirations.
  • Become willing to take a risk and put your values on the table, it is a powerful move. 
  • Success is never guaranteed, but becoming 'risk-forward' by trying new things is the only way to find out what does and does not work for you. 
  • Trust your body to tell you what is and isn't right for you (including this).  

Your Host

Hey 👋 I'm Alena (like, uh-lane-uh). My membership and mentor services help women finally heal depletion and make moves towards becoming the changemakers they dream of becoming whilst showing up as the best mum possible.

I am an award-winning educator, podcaster, and somatic practitioner with over 30 years of experience. My pioneering parenting and conscious living blog, the Soul Mama Hub, began in 2009. For the past several years I have been a member of the UK Ethical Influencers Network, and an expert panelist for the Australian Clean & Conscious Awards and recently my podcast, Unboxable, has grown to be highly rated on International charts. 

I have built communities of mothers online in the tens of thousands across Bath, England and the Northern Beaches of Sydney Australia, where I now live with my three kids, one husband, and one pooch.

From my family to yours, thank you for joining me on this mission to empower mothers to follow their passions all the way to deep fulfilment, just as we are. 

Big Love, 
Alena x