48 | A Fresh Take on Menopause with Ali Brahe Daddo

Season #2

Ali Brahe Daddo was a household name in Australia in the 90s as a model regularly appearing on magazine covers. Life took her on adventures to LA where she started her family and built new identities as an early child educator, producer and screenwriter.

Since returning to Australia in 2016 she has continued writing and has released 'Queen Menopause' offering a new conversation on the topic and sharing her own experience and those of a few other high-profile women.

This is a quick episode but there is so much joy in it as we explore the topic of menopause and normalise it as an important topic - it affects so many of us.

Body autonomy, busting taboos and generally the joy of growing up into self realised humans are three of my favourite themes in this Episode.

Find Queen Menopause where all good books are sold, or contact me directly via @soulmamahub on socials with any questions or feedback or to share your experience of menopause.

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