63 | Dr Jodie Lowinger on Anxiety and the Healing Power of Compassion

Season #3

Anxiety, stress, low mood, and burnout. 

These ☝🏼 are Jodie's passions, and she has become extremely good at helping people learn how to navigate them, even transform them into resilience and high performance. 

Jodie says that anxiety is her superpower. 

And what's even more exciting is that we share some very similar ways of approaching healing around the effects of anxiety, low mood and burnout by employing lashings of compassion for ourselves and others.


Dr Jodie (DCP, MSc, BSc, University Medal; UNSW, USYD, Harvard Medical School) is the creator and bestselling author of the Mind Strength Method, a groundbreaking methodology helping organisations, schools and individuals to optimise performance, build resilience and prevent anxiety, stress, low mood and burnout.

Jodie is in high demand as a global keynote speaker and high performance and mindset coach to CEOs, executives and organisations. She works with top corporates such as Amazon, Google, Atlassian, BCG, NAB, Citi, Audi and Allianz and coaches many founders of high growth start ups. She is an award winning Doctor of Clinical Psychology, has worked and trained at Harvard and is a leading expert in building a high performance mindset, conquering anxiety and fear, building resilience and unlocking human potential. Jodie’s unique combination of a deep scientific understanding of the drivers of human behaviour together with decades helping organisations succeed through uncertainty and change, enables her to help leaders and teams meet challenges head on.

Jodie is in demand as a media commentator for TV, radio, digital and print, including Sunrise, Today, Morning Show, Ten News, ABC News, 2GB, Triple M, Marie Claire, SMH, Good Weekend and Sunday Life. As a coach, Jodie consults on business strategy, leadership, resilience, managing change, building outstanding teams and a leading edge culture. She works across diverse industries including financial services, tech, logistics, healthcare, FMCG and more.

Jodie is the Founder of The Anxiety Clinic where her team of therapists have helped thousands of adults, kids and teens to overcome anxiety, stress, mood and behavioural challenges. She is a parenting expert and Board Member for NFPs Gotcha4Life and StreetWork.

Learn more about her work at 


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