67 | How to Create Magnetic Intentions, Step by Step

Season #3

This is a special episode handing you the keys to the kingdom - and the kingdom is yours to imagine. There are some very simple actions we can take to become laser-focused on bringing more of what we love and desire into our lives.

It's not woo-woo at all, it's brain science, psychology and quantum physics combined in a few simple actions.

Have a listen to this Episode and grab a pen and paper to follow along with three questions that will help you clarify and magnetise your most compelling intentions and help to bring them to fruition.

This is a great one to listen to at the start of the year, or at the beginning of a new phase of personal or professional life.


Alena Turley is an award-winning Soulful Parenting Practitioner, Mentor, Martial Artist, and Ethical Influencer with extensive knowledge and over 15 years of experience in her field.

Alena has worked as an Influencer and Mentor in England and Australia, and founded the pioneering blog, Soul Mama Hub, in 2009.

Alena focuses on identifying and addressing what's at the heart of personal well-being issues for mothers and offers a direct, evidence-based, truthful and informative approach to optimising health, purpose and well-being.

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