69 | Heart-Led Success and Fanny Flutters with Melina Bagnato

Season #3

Melina, in her own words, is
"...a style, confidence, and business coach, and my passion is to help women feel empowered to connect with their inside so they can feel and look beautiful on the outside. And yeah, it just gives me enormous satisfaction when I see women see their true beauty and stand tall and, and walk in their power through not just mindset, but the way they dress and style."

Her story is one of following her deep intuitive voice, all the way to multi-million dollar business success, and then, after experiencing adrenal fatigue she heeded the call and moved to follow her current passion: empowering women to be extraordinary.

Tuck in and enjoy this honest conversation with the one and only Melina Bagnato.

Connect with Melina 

www.instagram.com/stylemeover, www.instagram.com/melinabagnato www.stylemeover.com  

Official Bio: 
Melina has an undeniable energy and lust for life, fashion and family. Since bursting onto screens on MKR 13 years ago, Melina has continued to be a much loved personality. Her down to earth and balls to the wall attitude keeps her loyal online community engaged and entertained across her business and personal profiles, as she shares the highs and lows of motherhood, behind the scenes of running a successful business (Style Me Over), fashion / style, charity, self care and all things being a woman. Vivacious, stylish and always authentic, Melina has a driving passion to build confidence and support women to live their best lives no matter where they are in their woman hood journey; and loves partnering with brands and businesses who share these values.



Alena Turley is an award-winning Soulful Parenting Practitioner, Mentor, Martial Artist, and Ethical Influencer with extensive knowledge and over 15 years of experience in her field.

Alena has worked as a Mentor for mothers in England and Australia, and founded the pioneering blog, Soul Mama Hub, in 2009.

Alena focuses on identifying and addressing what's at the heart of personal well-being issues for mothers and offers a direct, evidence-based, truthful and informative approach to optimising health, purpose and well-being.

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