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The Soul Mama Group Program is a clear pathway to personal power for women emerging through motherhood ♡
It is such a pleasure to offer this! It is specially designed for women who crave ongoing support, monthly women's circles, transformative interactive sessions, and true community connection. Because #togetherwearebetter

Soul Mama VIP is a clear pathway to holistic well-being and deep fulfillment, for women emerging through motherhood 

It is such a pleasure to offer this! It is specially designed for women who crave ongoing support, monthly women's circles, transformative interactive sessions, and true community connection. Because #togetherwearebetter

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Better Moods, Happier Kids
Access my proven, signature program and go from just treading water to re-empowered and interconnected whilst still showing up as the best mum possible. 

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It's time 


  • Enjoy the support of other women who 'get it'

  • Quit obsessing over a never-ending to-do list

  • No more beating yourself up, striving for some unrealistic idea of 'perfection'

  • Say goodbye to '0-to-100-in-under-3-seconds' rage- outbursts

  • Stop feeling like you aren't doing enough for the health of your family (and the planet)

Meet the Founder

Hey 👋 I'm Alena Turley, an award-winning facilitator, educator. and Martial Artist. Having personally walked the path of maternal depletion, infertility, early life trauma, and domestic violence I found my way back to a life of deep and lasting health and empowerment. 

Since founding the pioneering parenting and conscious lifestyle blog, Soul Mama Hub, in 2009, I have been supporting mothers to be empowered in their choices and reconnect with their big, change-maker purpose..

  • Australian Clean+Conscious Awards expert panelist since 2020
  • Member of UK's Ethical Influencers Network since 2016.
  • Presenter, Unboxable Podcast since 2020
  • Black Belt, Hapkido Women's Instructor since 2022

As a multi-passionate social entrepreneur, my career spans 35+ years. With degrees and diplomas in Oral History, Building - yep, actual construction - Education, Filmmaking, Martial Arts, and Permaculture Design, holistic transformation is my specialty.

Gathering women’s communities in the tens of thousands from Bath, England, to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I live in Australia with three kids, one husband, and one pooch 🦮.

The Soul Mama VIP Program offers


  • Get my powerful 5-stage Roadmap to holistic health and regenerative living.
  • Monthly wellness resets, meal planners, checklists and other bonuses.
  • Access self-paced, innovative training modules updated regularly to serve members' needs
  • Experience transformational live training from world-class natural practitioners 
  • Enjoy monthly mama circles, get your questions answered by trained mentors. 
  • Connect with a warm and supportive group of women in the VIP members-only community

"I was lacking clarity and had so much in my head. Now, parenting soulfully, creating my own path. It's such a supportive group, wise mums learning from each other under the divine stewardship of our beautiful soul, Alena."

-Sal, Sydney, Mother of Three

Nurture Body, Mind, and Soul

Become a Soul Mama VIP and access my proven program helping mothers go from burnt out, stressed out and desperately needing a minute for themselves to relaxed, full of joy, and with the energy to show up as the best mum possible. 

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You’re just a few steps away from a powerful choice to re-empower yourself and start feeling like yourself again. Join today, cancel anytime.

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Joining provides a host of value. My signature program, the "LionLife Roadmap" is a proven 5-stage community and mentoring model with the following themes.


· Complete onboarding
· Foundations of health
· Dedicated time for self-improvement
· Community connection


· Deepening inner work 
· Transformed parenting
· Family manifesto
· Closer relationships
· Becoming present

03: HOME

· DIY natural personal care 
· Learn to reduce waste
· Intro to fermentation
· Living in line with values
· Modeling it for your children


· Clear steps towards rewarding work
· Life-work balancing 
· Aligned decision-making
· No more playing small
· Mindful productivity


· Align with your purpose
· Optimise your strengths 
· Strategies for success
· Overcome self-doubt
· The ripple effect of impactful work

"I feel less overwhelmed and I'm reminded to back myself rather than doubt my skills and what I have to offer. I'm being more practical in my business, moving in the right direction, and taking action with more confidence."

- Dee, Sydney Mother of Two

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A Curated Team of Expert Presenters

Each month you'll experience a unique opportunity to access world-renowned experts in areas such as pursuing your purpose, holistic health, mindfulness, mental health, regenerative living, and much more. My VIP Members love it! You are able to access replays inside the Member's Learning Portal via any device.

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Don't wait! Make a move towards the big, bold, beautiful life you've been dreaming about. 

Access top-rated personal development, conscious lifestyle workshops,
soulful community support, and nurturing mentorship anytime, anywhere.