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Women all too often find themselves craving a moment to themselves and wondering, "...when did every day become a non-stop race to the finish line?"

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I believe that the two things keeping us from truly enjoying motherhood are depletion and disconnection. 

I'm so glad you found me! I'm Alena (like, uh-lane-uh), a holistic mentor for mothers. My VIP membership, the Soul Mama Hub is a small and supportive community of mothers who are going from flirting with burnout, to empowered, inspired, and energised. It offers 24/7 access to well-being resources, with an added layer of gentle accountability and deep connection. 

My signature online program, the "LionLife Roadmap", is helping mothers move from feeling exhausted and like they're going-it-alone to replenishing their health and living in genuine alignment with their big picture so they can become the change-makers they dream of being. I offer private 1:1 guidance, a monthly subscription as well as advocacy and presenting all with a focus on bespoke guidance for mothers ready to re-energise and level-up. 

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"It's great to have a space that I can go to for connection and to access a community, as and when I need."

- Dee Maisey, Sydney

"I love your different workshops with different people offering tools for different areas of our lives"

- Lisa McLean, Gold Coast

"My internal monologue isn't full of unkind thoughts towards myself now. That's a huge step forward for me."

- Jemma Forrester, UK

Raising Healthy, Resilient Children


Lisa, a gorgeous VIP Member of the Soul Mama Hub shares how one concept she learned was a total game-changer for her family. Following a traumatic incident, they went from seeking outside help to "fix" the situation to shifting into a safe and connected space with their children.

Play this short video to hear her story ➡️. 

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Low in energy? Feel like something is holding you back? Don’t let it affect your family any longer. 

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