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  • "I loved our session so much - it’s like a big bright light has switched on and everything seems possible."
    — Jill, Bath, England
  • "I always feel so much more positive and wanting to strive and achieve after reading your articles and pages... inspired"
    — Nicky, Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • "Loooooved reading that post Alena, my favourite out of your blogs so far. It felt like a big easy exhale the whole way through. Thanks for the reminder of what really matters, and for putting it so brilliantly."
    — Eloise, Byron Bay, Australia
  • "Regarding the website work, THANK YOU. You were right. It’s very exposing and brings up all sorts of feelings to deal with, not the least of which is “am I worthy?” I love the way you did it, you have a real gift in that area.
    — Bruce, Author, Western Australia
  • What a beautifully written, heartfelt article reflecting today's reality for most families. It's not "perfect", it's not "textbook" family but it's loving, resilient and authentic."
    — November, Designer, Sydney, Australia
  • "I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance you gave me in developing my brand. It’s been an incredible first year in business and it’s grown with such positivity and wonderful feedback but also at a rate which I couldn't be more grateful for. You helped light the way, I was able to see clearly what I was trying to achieve."
    — Laura, Bath, England