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I believe there are two fundamental things that stop midlife mothers from feeling good — depletion, and disconnection.

I believe that two fundamental things prevent midlife mothers from feeling good: depletion, and 


Hey, I'm Alena


It's no accident you found me, and I'm so glad you did. My passion is guiding women to reconnect within themselves and by coming together.... so they can go make BIG CHANGE

- personally,
- in the way they are parenting,
- in relationships,
- in work and business, and
- in their communities.

It starts with you making a brave choice.

Time moves fast when you have a family, and every woman deserves to eliminate these blocks so they can fully enjoy their time. 

That's why I created a one-of-a-kind framework to support midlife mothers to go from head-down, barely coping, rushing around without a second to themselves, to relaxed, fulfilled, and with the energy to show up as the best mother, and human, possible. 

New here? Let's begin. 

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This multi-modal, somatic approach, is designed specifically for women ready to re-energize, soothe their self-talk, and make bold moves towards their juiciest life goals. Book some time with me — your first 30 minutes are free, then full 50-minute sessions are A$110 

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Soul Mama Community Hub

Having seeded and nurtured communities internationally in the tens of thousands, I've ditched the social platforms and started a private, safe, virtual space so you can connect with other likeminded women who get it... Access free resources, and quarterly challenges, in a truly private, soulful and supportive women's community.

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Feeling Good in Motherhood

is not just for a PRIVILEGED FEW, it is  EVERY WOMAN'S RIGHT

It wasn't always easy for me to enjoy my life  it was especially difficult to show up as the kind of parent I wanted to be without sacrificing my own needs.

So many old hurts and frustrations got dredged up and spilt over in the worst ways.

After many years of feeling lost, lonely, single, and bereft of any lasting stability, I found my way back to a deeply fulfilling, authentic and purposeful experience of motherhood in midlife. 

Feeling frustrated, and struggling, does not mean you are broken. It means you have not found the right support... yet.

I specialise in supporting women finally ready to break the cycle of burnout and reconnect to their innate personal power - for good.

This is entirely possible for anyone ready to take action, and I've been helping women do just that, since 2009. As a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, I am committed to upholding industry standards of excellence.

See my qualifications, and read more of my story here 

Let's spend a little time together and get you back on track.  Book your first session here, it's 30 minutes, just you and me, for free. 

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My internal monologue isn't full of unkind thoughts towards myself now. That's a huge step forward for me.

It's great to have a space that I can go to for connection and to access a community as and when needed 

I love the different workshops with different people offering tools for different aspects of our lives. 

Raising Healthy, Resilient Families


Lisa is a participant in the Soul Mama VIP program. In this short video she shares how one concept she learned was a total game-changer for her family. Following a traumatic incident, they went from seeking outside help to "fix" the situation to shifting into a safe and connected space with their children.

The results were astounding. Play this clip to hear her story ➡️. 

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