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Every mother has the right to feel safe yet too many women still experience the opposite.

The ripple effects for communities, families, children, and young people can be devastating.

W O M E N ' S  G R O U P
b e c a u s e  h u m a n s  n e e d  c o n n e c t i o n

Every woman has the right to feel good during motherhood, but so many do not. The resulting ripple effects are enormous.


I'm on a mission to spearhead intergenerational change.

Socially, and culturally, we are at a tipping point. 

Too many women are losing their health, their wellbeing, and at worst,  lives, to often preventable mental health crises and intolerable violence. 

That's why I am researching a one-of-a-kind community program to support women to go from head-down, barely coping, rushing around without a second to themselves, to supported, fulfilled, and with the energy to show up as the kind of mother, and human, they'd love to be. 

Why me? Read more of my story here.

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Be part of the solution. 

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