84 | Jo Wagstaff on Authentic Living, Leading, and Succeeding.

Season #4

In this episode of the Unboxable Podcast, host Alena Turley engages in a profound conversation with Jo Wagstaff, delving into themes of authenticity, personal trauma, and the journey towards self-fulfillment.

Jo shares her transition from a workaholic to finding joy in life's simpler aspects, her writing process for her book 'Lead Like You', and the impact of sharing her raw experiences.

The discussion opens up into broader topics of motherhood, self-compassion, and the generational patterns that shape us.

This conversation offers a cathartic exploration of finding enoughness in imperfection and the power of authenticity in leading a fulfilling life.

  • How to have sustainable, fulfilling work whilst honouring life outside of work also
  • The essence and impact of Jo's book, 'Lead Like You'
  • How authenticity transforms the way women live,...
  • Motherhood, trauma, and reparenting
  • The process and power of healing  

Get the Jo's book, LEAD LIKE YOU, here


Alena Turley is an award-winning Soulful Practitioner, Speaker, Hapkido Black Belt, and Ethical Micro-Influencer with extensive knowledge from over 15 years of experience in her field.

Having mentored mothers in England and Australia, she has built communities in the tens of thousands to support women to connect and support each other.

Her pioneering blog, the Soul Mama Hub, began in 2009 and since then led her to focus on identifying and addressing what's at the heart of personal wellbeing issues for mothers.

Alena offers a direct, evidence-based, truthful, and informative approach to optimising health, purpose, and wellbeing.

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