Freelance Mum To The Rescue!

At first meeting, Faye Dicker does appear to be a little bit of a superhero. With a background in broadcasting, and very shiny eyes hinting at the vision she has for mum freelancers, you can't help but fall a bit in love with her. It's no surprise that her business Freelance Mum, based in Bristol in the UK, just keeps on getting nominated for awards. 



When you attend a networking event with Freelance Mum get ready for some treats. Firstly there are just really lovely people there. You might come across Rin Humburgh (of Rin Humburgh & Co), single mother of the #rintwins (yes, twins). Or you could come across an inspiring guest speaker like Becky Barnes, preloved fashion stylist extraordinaire, saving the world one awesome charity shop dress at a time.   

I attended the networking morning to see what the fuss was about, having not been before and having intended to go for some time. I took my 16 month-old - yes, that's right, you take your babes and toddlers with you, which I love -  but even if your child has child care that day, you are still welcome. 

Not only were the cakes amazing, but the atmosphere was fabulous. It was a huge space inside a church near central Bristol that for a lesser event may have felt empty, but not this time. Despite it being a reasonably small group relative to the size of the venue (20 mums and 11 children) it meant that the space could be filled with interesting conversations, amazing gluten-free cakes and brownies and kids tearing all over the place.

How fantastic to find a daytime event for mums with young children for which you are encouraged to take your brains along and take them out for a spin as it were. There isn't much of that when you're home after having a baby, and there really needs to be. We crave connection and interesting conversation as mums working in the home, so why not also build up our freelance businesses at the same time? Well played Freelance Mum. I'll be back. 

Alena writes here about her entrepreneurial life, and also as Soul Mamma for those into empowered & healthy parenting, eco-living and great family food.